Spammers Are Wasting Their Time;

“Real Humans” May Choose to Use the Above Contact Form

Due to the enormous amount of spam that WordPress blogs receive, the Akismet Spam Filter is turned ON for this blog, & all Comments are Moderated. Only legitimate Comments posted in the Comment Section under the various articles will be considered (WordPress notifies me of Comments that Akismet feels are legitimate so I can then approve them. Sometimes, however, a legitimate Comment may end up in Akismet’s Spam Folder).

All these other types of Comments are automatically marked as Spam by Akismet & trashed:

•Hundreds of “generic” comments (totally unrelated to the actual articles);

•Comments from “fake-named individuals” (names made up of random letters that make no sense);

•Comments from phony email & fake website addresses;

•Comments from anyone hoping to post their “cheap pharmaceuticals” & other affiliate links totally unrelated to the subject matter of this site (no illegitimate “free ride” here, people!);

•Numerous (& humorous) fake “flattery” comments (“I love your site. You write so well. I hope I can learn to write as well as you someday,” etc. They all say the same exact thing, no originality!);

•Comments regarding SEO & how terrible my blog rates in search traffic, etc. etc. Lol.

If you are a “real human” who wishes to make contact, you may use the above form, or just leave a legitimate comment in the Comment Section below whichever article.

Thank You!