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Good brief observation & summation re all things Ron Paul in this comment:


Dan said (September 13, 2013):

I observed the whole Ron Paul ‘rEvolution’ rise rise from it’s ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ startup in 2007. What started as voter desperation to escape the clutches of the war mongers that run the US government and maybe – just maybe, reopen investigation of 911, morphed gradually into the Cult of the Whore of Babylon – Ayn Rand.

It turned out that Ron Paul was what we call a “Pied Piper,” a NWO agent like Timothy Leary was. Except instead of altered consciousness with LSD – it’s GOLD FEVER.

It’s a cheap tactic, seems to work again and again — it’s a LONG CON. Few of Ron’s followers remembered that he’d done the same schtick in the election of ’88 as the Libertarian candidate. By the way, at least three Libertarian candidates since 1980 have been admitted CIA.

When it morphed from talk of restoring the original US Constitution to wasting time reading ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and ‘The Fountainhead’ I was ready to reach for a loaded gun.

Then Ron predictably passed the torch to his son RAND, named after AYN RAND and the social Darwinist utopia. A place that can only exist if the Georgia Guidestones are carried out.

The sheeple always forget why they started following another Pied Piper in the first place. Most of Ron Paul’s followers never heard of Ayn Rand, and they didn’t understand Libertarianism. They confused the word Liberty [1] with the notion of individual freedom.

[1] ‘Liberty’ is when the sailors are allowed to leave the ship, but if they don’t report back to ship on time the Shore Patrol goons throw them in the brig.


Source & Full Article re the “Liberty Dollar” founder:

9/12/13: “Libertarian Meets ‘Sound Money’ Hero:


Re Dan’s comment: Exactly! It didn’t take too long to begin to distrust RP with his El Diablo-supposed-I-Love-You hand signs, his Masonic connection per long-time-aide Penny Freeman letter, his creepy college fraternity connection, his fake version of Christianity that believes in evolution, his continued “blowback” fake 9/11 excuses, & his promise-breaking early bailout from the 2008 Prez campaign, etc. “Dr. Feel Good” quickly became “Dr. No.”

For more details about that, see Part VI here, “The Libertarian Revolution”:



Side Note:

Fascinating history of The Pied Piper, where 130 children disappeared from the city of Hamelin in the 1200-1300’s on June 26 or July 22:

Pied Piper of Hamelin – Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pied_Piper_of_Hamelin

Many details there but two explanations stood out:

1. “Silver-tongued” “lokators” dressed in “many colors” came to town & enticed the city’s youth to move away & settle/establish unoccupied areas of Poland with promises of a better life, etc. (However, if you click on Wiki’s hyperlink for “lokator,” there is a picture of a midieval lokator wearing a hat but his clothes are not “many colors.”)

2. The children (or youth) were “seduced to the place of execution” to a nearby HILL.

Who could afford multi-colored clothing in those days? Nobility?

Merchants & Banksters? (Jews?)

Early “real estate sharks”? (Catholic Church clergy?)

“Candy men” dressed in “rainbow” colors? (a pedophile was the culprit, per one suggestion, but 130 children all at once? It takes a “normal” pedo a lifetime to seduce 100 kids, unless the Piper wanted a harem, or he had a gang of fellow pedos waiting in the wings).

Red & Purple-garbed Satanists/Occultists looking for sacrificial victims? (HILLS or “high places” are historical places of sacrifices).

Talmudic Jewish Rabbis looking for “blood libel” victims en-masse?

I guess we’ll never know in this life. Whichever, 130-160 children/youth “went away” from Hamelin one Summer never to return.

BTW, the “rat connection” to the Pied Piper story was added a few centuries later. Hmmm. A “cover up”?

(Photos also from Wiki.)



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(David Dees Illustration)

Larry Bates was on Jonathan Bernis’ Jewish Voice of Victory program, Sat. 6/5/10:


It was a VERY brief segment, not even a full 10 minutes.  Bates & his son have a new book out, A NATION IN CRISIS, re the political, economic, & religious collapse that is coming.

Bates said something that was humorous, though. He said re the verse at Amos 8:5 that he refers to it as “The Federal Reserve of Amos.”  Lol…

Amos 8:5 >>
…Saying, “When will the new moon be gone, that we may sell corn? and the sabbath, that we may set forth wheat, MAKING THE EPHAH SMALL, and THE SHEKEL GREAT, and FALSIFYING THE BALANCES BY DECEIT?” 

Bates explained:  The great shekel = inflation where money is bloated but worthless so you get less for your money (small ephah), just as is now.   

As for falsifying balances, that needs no explanation!


Sid Roth seems to keep recycling older 2005 & 2008 programs when Bates was on his show…  You can tell by the content that it is older info (such as the national deficit at $17 trillion vs the $55 trillion he mentioned on Jonathan Bernis above):


FWIW, even though I’ve seen Bates on DVDs (such as The Money Masters), Jonathan Bernis & Sid Roth are the only two shows on Christian TV (TBN & Church Channel) where I’ve ever seen Larry Bates… He is on their shows several times a year.  And I have never heard him specifically mention on their shows the “Rothschild” Banking Cartel.  But per this site, that is part of Bates’ information in his prior book (this person feels it is “anti-Semitism” to talk about the International Banksters & Rothschild, etc. & of course I disagree with that):



Bates’ newest book is at Amazon but no reader reviews yet:  “A Nation in Crisis: The Meltdown of Money, Government and Religion”:
His prior book got mixed reviews at Amazon, ie, good for understanding the game being played by the global money masters, but not enough meat for what to do about it, etc.


A few online video clips:

Larry Bates 

Larry Bates. 28:30 – 1 year ago. Dr. Bates discusses the economic downturn and what caused it, the mortgage crisis, …





Looks like Bates has been on the Jim Bakker show as well.  This from January of this year, 2010:

Also, during the month, Jim Bakker once again invited Economist Dr. Larry Bates on his show to talk about the financial crisis in America. Dr. Bates who wrote the book THE NEW ECONOMIC DISORDER, warned people to get out of debt as much as possible because the economy is not going to get better. America’s spending is out of control and Dr. Bates says that understanding the truths in the Bible concerning the times we live in will set us free from believing everything is going to be okay.

Dr. Bates spoke of the need for preachers to understand the times, as the sons of Issachar did in the Old Testament, and start preparing for the difficult days ahead.  Jim Bakker and Dr. Bates spoke about how the basic needs of everyday life along with emergency food supplies should be available in every church. They agreed that we are to pay attention to the Bible’s teachings so that we will not be overtaken by fear during the unfolding of the Book of Revelation. Both agreed that we are not appointed for God’s wrath in the end times, but we will certainly live through some perilous times!

Jim Bakker says Christians should not be exclusive to their own church, but they should be growing into a community, helping each other in order to help the unsaved. He believes we are coming into the greatest harvest time of souls as events unfold around the world pointing to the soon return of the Lord.  Jim also believes the church will someday become “places of refuge.”

“Woe to the Shepherds!”, says Dr. Larry Bates concerning the pastors and teachers who are not warning their congregations of the times we are living in for fear this message would not be popular among their church goers. Click below to read a June 2009 interview Sid Roth did with Larry Bates: http://www.itssupernatural.net/2009/06/06/sid-roth-welcomes-dr-larry-bates/




Dr. Larry Bates

Dr. Larry Bates, an economist, is Publisher and Editor of Monetary and Economic Review, a quarterly economic and financial publication that analyzes the economy and financial markets from a geopolitical perspective. He is also Publisher and Editor of Unravelling The New World Order, a monthly exposé of how government, financial, and religious insiders are deciding your future. These publications have subscribers in all 50 states and 23 foreign countries. Bates is a former bank CEO and taught money and banking for the Bank Administration Institute and the state college system in Tennessee. He is a former member of the Tennessee House of Representatives where he chaired the Committee on Banking and Commerce. He is an internationally recognized speaker on political systems, the Federal Reserve, and how they affect the economy and your assets. Bates is Chief Economist for FAMC Economic and Political Consulting Group. Dr. Bates is also CEO of the Information Radio Network/IRN USA Radio News and is the author of the best selling book The New Economic Disorder.


Evidently, Bates held a seminar in Florida in Feb. 2010… Pastors & their wives got free admission: 


   Some of the Things you will Learn at this Briefing Are:

–Why a major economic downturn or collapse must occur to accomplish the elitists’ goals.
–How the game is “rigged” with our debt-based economy and debt-based money system.
–Strategies on how to deal with the planned confiscation of IRA’s, 401K’s, and private pension plans.
–What common disasters can affect your area and how to prepare for them with necessary emergency supplies.
–The role of pastors and church leaders in these uncertain times.
–What the Bible says about the situations facing our nation and what is to come (USA is not in Bible./bg)
–How we can equip ourselves physically to endure the next phase.
–The benefits of having a long-term supply of food.
How to “Stormproof” your assets.
–Government care under a universal health care program.
–How to plan to exit your job in Corporate America.
–•The Mortgage Crisis and what to do about your Real Estate.
–Specific actions you can take to protect your family and friends from the impending Economic & Political Crisis.
–How will bailouts and stimulus packages affect you?
–What happens if the US defaults?
–The road map and timeline for the planned destruction of America.
–Your Economic & Political risk during the Obama administration.
–How Obama and the Democratic Controlled Congress are corrupting America with socialism.
–That the American people are revolting against the attempted destruction of their personal liberties and private property.
–Why there is a war against the American people by the Obama Administration. (Obama is merely another puppet of the cabal, so it is them who are destroying America./bg)
–What you need to know about the political process.


Now for the bad news:  So far tonight I’ve seen two comments at two different sites that say Bates rips off elderly people:

Beware!, May 1, 2010:

Larry Bates and his precious metals business, Family American Monetary Consultants, Inc., have been taking money from the elderly citizens for purchase of gold and silver then refusing to deliver their orders and all the while having his consultants give t

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