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A Seed From The Sower: “Don’t Forget The Children”:


“(CNSNews.com) – The Chicago Public Schools this year are mandating that the district’s kindergarten classes include sex education, fulfilling a proposal President Barack Obama supported in 2003 when he served in the Illinois state senate and later defended when he ran for president in the 2008 election cycle.”

Full story:

8/30/13: “Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’” – CNS News:


I noticed I spelled Kindergarteners differently than CNS News so I looked it up & found this discussion re the two spellings:

2011: “Is it Kindergarteners or Kindergartners?” – General Education Discussion Board:http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/296538-is-it-kindergarteners-or-kindergartners/

They said Kinder is German for Children & Gartener/Gartner is German for Garden. So, very

interestingly as it could be applied to the Sex Ed news, one person joked,

“I now know what to put on my resume, a GARDENER OF CHILDREN.”

Isn’t that EXACTLY what the Marxist/Socialist/Communists want to do to all the little kids? They want to CULTIVATE the GARDEN of their innocent minds, bodies, spirits toward PERVERSION.

Don’t let them pollute the GARDEN of your child’s mind & heart with their Satanic “Pesticide.”


All that reminded me of the loveable Mr. Guido (deceased at age 94) who ran 60-second pearls of wisdom on the Good Life Christian TV channel in Orlando called “Seed from the Sower for the GARDEN OF YOUR HEART.” He always sat outside in a beautiful garden. Loved the tweeting bird opening as well. See video at top/example.


A Biblical Proverb also says, “GUARD YOUR HEART for out of it are the sources of life.”

So guard your kids’ hearts, too! It’s your job, not the Commie-infested school system’s responsibility.


And btw, you can spell it either way, but it makes sense to me, Kinder-Garten-Ers, as most agreed at that forum.



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Next President Clues: Reading the Signals

A great (& funny) example of reading between the lines & interpreting the news:

1. The super liberal (liberal means Communist) Newsweek Magazine runs a cover photo & article saying Obama Must Go!

2. But isn’t Obama the darling Communist-President of the leftist/Communist liberals? Yes!

3. So what gives with a Communist magazine saying their beloved Communist President needs to go?

4. Henry Makow’s tweet of 8/20/12 explains in less than 10 words, lol:

Henry Makow Henry Makow@HenryMakow 5h
Illuminati signal Obama is toast –
Ferguson is Rothschild biographer

5. Ah ha! So there you have it. The author of the Newsweek article, Niall Ferguson, besides having many other “impressive” credentials, is the Rothschilds’ biographer!

6. Rothschilds are among the behind-the-scenes “string-pulling elite” of world events (collectively, the string-pullers are commonly referred to as the Illuminati).

7. Rothschilds tell their biographer, “Go write a hit piece against our leftist-puppet, Obama, & print it in our Communist rag (that is broke, btw, & could use a big sales boost) to signal to all the adepts across the world that we are switching gears to our right-wing-puppet for the upcoming election, & to get over themselves.”

8. Lol, too funny. The article Henry linked to (see below) had a reader comment that liberals he knew were furious over the Newsweek article & were “spinning on their eyebrows” & basically spitting nails, lol. Don’t they know by now that neither political party has any power but that all is orchestrated from behind-the-scenes by the globalist NWO string-pullers?

9. As CuttingEdge.org has said for many years, when the Elite Luciferian String-Pullers want to advance their overseas NWO agenda, they put a Republican President in office (think GHW & GW Bush & Gulf Wars 1-2); but when they want to advance the USA domestic NWO agenda (like Communist “HealthCare”), they put a Democrat President in office.

10. And wasn’t Romney at Bilderberg in Chantilly in June? There’s another big clue! Romney In, Obama Out.

Fun article:

6/5/12: Bilderberg 2012: Were Mitt Romney & Bill Gates There?” – The Guardian UK:

And here’s the other link mentioned above:

8/20/12: Newsweek says Obama Must Go:

Bottom Line: USA Presidential elections are rigged & decided in advance. Look for the clues!

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(Pic from Google Images)

From: Henry Makow <henry@henrymakow.com>
Date: April 20, 2010 10:35:15 AM EDT
Subject: Obama Literally “America’s First Jewish President”?


If you google “America’s First Jewish President,” you’ll find links to dozens of stories in Jewish publications “kvelling” (yiddish for
boasting) about how Barack Obama was sponsored by Jews and is “one of us.” This may be literally true. I suspect his mother’s father Stanley “Dunham” was Jewish. Obama’s mother “Stanley Anne Dunham” certainly looked and acted like a Communist Jew.

More at

I welcome your comments at hmakow@gmail.com


Great info. Be sure to read the comments under the article to see how many other politicians have Jewish connections, including *ABRAHAM* Lincoln.



That above email from Henry is dated today, 4/20/10, yet the article it links to is from October 2009. Usually if he republishes an article, it will say so at the top of his webpage, giving the original published date and the current date (not so in this instance and many others)…

Since last Summer his emails frequently arrive six months late, if I ever receive them at all. Very strange. For awhile I thought he had simply taken months off for a rest, as previously his emails arrived every Friday like clockwork. (I switched to gmail in early 2009.) Henry also uses gmail in addition to other mail providers. Can’t help but wonder… Is gmail that unreliable? Or is gmail messing with either mine or Henry’s mail?

FWIW I have not had this problem with any other subscriptions but his.



Also be sure to check out Barb’s detailed report, which has been on her Watch Unto Prayer site for probably about 4-5 months:


The Obama/Ethiopian Jew section is here:



On Henry’s front/home webpage today 4/20/10, if you scroll down, there’s another brief section…

[…]April 16, 2010

Sarah Palin looks Jewish. Acts Jewish. Supports Israel. Supported by Neo-Cons.
If it walks like a duck…
Sarah’s Jewish ancestry?
Why is this important? We believe the world is run by a satanic cult called the Illuminati. They are characterized by being half-Jews or crypto Jews or Masons. They are a satanic secret society within Judaism and Freemasonry. Madelaine Albright, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Sonya Sotomayor, Janet Napolitano all fit the half Jew or crypto Jew profile.
Sarah Palin- MK Ultra Slave?
The Palin Trojan Horse by Brother Nate



Reading the above reminded me… Last week I was reading some articles in Henry’s archives to see what I may have missed from not receiving his regular email updates. So I can’t recall which article (they’re all good) but in the comments section, someone had provided details of all the tell-tale signs of Palin being an MK Ultra Mind Controlled slave. It was fascinating. They had a photo of her dressed in a sportsy shorts outfit and noted how the red/black combo (blood/darkness) was a sign used to communicate that she was acting in compliance with her handlers.

So then I went to bed for six hours and woke up at 11pm, flipped on the TV to get some light in the room. I pry open my eyes to see none other than Sarah Palin on TV in a box-cut RED TOP with two HUGE ROUND BLACK BUTTONS at the base of her neck. Lol, red and black, I couldn’t believe it, laughed out loud and rolled back over. Half-asleep, I wondered WHY was Palin on TBN? (The channel is always on either the Church Channel or TBN.) I had never noticed her on there before. Turns out they were re-airing their 2009 Year In Review program — on the *13th* of April, this all took place. http://www.tbn.org/watch-us/highlights-2009 .

Timing is Everything. I couldn’t believe that earlier that very SAME afternoon I had first learned about her red/black outfits, and when I woke up later that same night that was the FIRST thing to appear in front of my eyes.


Since I’ve never paid much attention to Palin (she’s too “mousy looking”), I was unaware of the red/black hoopla before this. But a quick google re Palin’s frequent choice of red/black attire gives 165,000 results! People even sell costumes of Palin’s favorite color combos. And evidently the GOP spent $150,000 to “doll her up” that way… Hmmm…

Yes, it looks like Henry took that person’s info re Palin as a “Marionette/Doll” programmed MK slave and gave it a page of it’s own. Good idea. Check it out, here:


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