Audio: Texe Marrs Secrets (Volume 158)

This week from Texe Marrs’ …


Dear Friends,

Each month, Texe uncovers hidden news and reveals things the controlled media dare not touch. With the treasure-trove of information that Texe provides, this is the fastest hour in radio. This week’s program includes:

(1) Does Barack Obama have dictatorial ambitions?;

(2) Is there a relationship between 33 degrees in Freemasonry and the crucifixion of Jesus at the age of 33?;

(3) Former Congressman Jim Traficant, recently released from prison, is branded a “conspiracy theorist” by Sean Hannity; 

(4) Roman Polanski finally arrested for his rape of a 13 year-old girl after 3 decades. Why is Hollywood up in arms about this?;

(5) Were occult rituals acted out on the broadcast of MTV’s Video Award show?;

(6) Prince Phillip, ever the humanitarian, claims people have too much;

(7) Has Walmart changed their logo to the six-pointed star?;

(8) Green Peace admits it was mistaken about global warming. All this and much more. Don’t miss this week’s informative program, Secrets (Volume 158).

Click this link or copy and paste it in the address line of your internet browser:

Then, scroll down until you see, Secrets (Volume 158), and click the link.

October Newsletter

Our October Newsletter is ready for you to read. This month’s powerful feature article is Swindlers List.

Is America in big trouble? Are greedy swindlers in charge of our country, and are they determined to pull the plug on our freedoms and liberties?

If the article doesn’t convince you who is in charge of our country, be sure to check out the bonus article, Swindlers List: Zionists in Power. Click here to view our newsletter:

(If you read the above newsletter article, be prepared as Texe is quite blunt!)

All God’s Best,
Jerry Barrett
From: “Power of Prophecy” <>
Date: October 2, 2009 4:03:13 PM EDT
Subject: This week on our Streaming Audio – Secrets (Volume 158)

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