“FOLLOW ME” – “A Masterpiece Deserving of Attention”…

(Update 11/23/10: I learned after-the-fact that the below 3 videos will not be viewable from iPhone due to YouTube not serving them up to iPhone. However, I was told they ARE viewable from a computer (thanks Posterous Tech!) For iPhone users, the direct youtube links for the 3 music videos have been added to Comment section at bottom of this page. Thank you for visiting.)



Stunning, soul-stirring, heart-wrenching, MAGNIFICENT!  If you love orchestrated movie theme scores, you will love this!


“The Gospel of John” Original Motion Picture Score, “FOLLOW ME,” composed by Jeff Danna, performed by the London Philharmonia Orchestra.


“Jeff Danna inserts just enough romanticism without entering the realm of cheesiness or melodrama, creating an atmosphere appropriate for the topic while exercising stylish restraint. For that achievement, his score for The Gospel of John is a masterpiece deserving of attention no matter your opinion of the film’s interpretations or subject matter.”



Filmtracks: The Gospel of John (Composer Jeff Danna):


Two more instrumentals below from the movie soundtrack from a different youtube channel:


From the 2003 movie soundtrack “The Gospel Of John”.  

Produced by Jeff Danna.
Performed by The Philharmonia Orchestra, London.



Above:  Photo of the blind man Jesus healed by putting the mud on his eyes.  That actor has a perfect set of crow’s feet to match the blind man character.  Great pic!


From the 2003 soundtrack “The Gospel Of John”.
Track 11: “SOLOMON’s PORCH.”
Produced by Jeff Danna.
Performed by The Philharmonia Orchestra, London.



Above:  Another breath-stopping still shot from the movie.  It’s like being there yourself in the back of the room! 


My two favorite Jesus movies, Gospel of John (2004), & Jesus The Film (Oct. 1979) which again aired last night on TBN.  It, too, has a magnificently haunting music score that lingers with you long after the movie is over, which is what got me started on this hunt.  Sadly, I could not find music clips nor soundtrack CDs for “Jesus The Film.” :(  

And Gospel of John soundtrack CDs were discontinued in 2007!  There are only 4 new ones at Amazon (3rd parties) selling for $80-$100!!!  There are maybe a dozen used CDs for much cheaper.  I heard to check out Amazon’s foreign websites, so we’ll see.  The album/soundtrack IS available as a download at iTunes for $9.99, but I’d rather have a CD.


DVDs of both movies are still available, too.

Just beautiful!  I just don’t have the words…


Gospel of John Soundtrack:

1. For God So Loved the World (3:03)

2. I Am the Bread of Life (2:54)

3. The Road Through Samaria (3:18)

4. Mary Washes Jesus’ Feet (2:37)

5. Here Comes Your King (1:44)

6. Pilate’s Dilemma (2:59)

7. The Lamb of God (2:12)

8. Jesus and Nicodemus (3:05)

9. You Will Not Find Me (1:49)

10. The Prayer (4:21)

11. Solomon’s Porch (3:37)

12. One of You is a Devil (1:56)

13. The Betrayal (2:58)

14. What is Truth? (2:30)

15. The Ruler of this World (3:15)

16. Jesus at the Temple (3:10)

17. Cast Your Nets (2:28)

18. Follow Me (4:33)


Before rushing off, ask yourself: “Where Will You Spend Eternity?”




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3 responses to ““FOLLOW ME” – “A Masterpiece Deserving of Attention”…

  1. TPR

    From iphone all I am seeing are GREY youtube squares where the 3 musuc videos are. Tapping on them from iphone does nothing. I have no idea why. What a disappointment.Can the videos be seen from anyone’s computer? Is it just an iphone glitch, a posterous glitch, or a youtube glitch?Here are the direct links:Top Music Track:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THwBGuDU4b0&sns=emSecond Music Track:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6hiukhKuG0&sns=emThird Music Track:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPIaxe0MEik&sns=emSorry for the inconvenience! I am at the mercy of tech services (posterous, youtube, email-blogging) I know nothing about how they work or why sometimes they do & sometimes they don’t.



    PS: Those 3 videos CAN BE downloaded to iphone via the DOWNLOADS app (it has a big green arrow logo). They are .MP4’s.


  3. Earlier this year YouTube/Apple made all download apps (for iphone) REMOVE the ability to download ALL YouTube videos. Grrr. Thankfully, two months later I discovered another way to do it. Yes!!!


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