Insurance Scams & The Great Chicago Fire of 1871



(British Prime Minister) David Cameron’s Roots in Jewish Banking, Opium:

A person commented at the above article:

Tim said (May 28, 2010):

Thank you for putting up the recent article on the history of the Cameron family. What people don’t know about this history is that David Cameron’s great-great grandfather, Alexander Geddes, might have been involved in the Great Chicago fire in 1871. The revelations are stunning in light of recent evidence and patents they pool to use in massive financial scams involving insurance and catastrophe bonds. What we are witnessing is the City of London restoring financial power back to the City of London.

Here is an article I wrote for our blog outlining this history in Chicago. We are still evaluating the forensic evidence.

We’ve figured out their death cult:



The photo at top is from the Chicago Fire article/site above.

Since “they” were willing to blow up the World Trade Center (how much, again, was that insurance Silverstein took out on the Towers shortly before 9/11?), it’s not hard to believe they would have done similar in 1871 in Chicago.



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