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NEVER REELECT ANYONE:  The premise of the “Kick Them All Out” (of Congress) Project is to vote for the strongest challenger, no matter who they are, for the sole purpose of keeping all incumbents from being reelected.

(Whether the strongest challenger is better or worse than the incumbent is not the point — how much damage can a newbie do in two years?  It couldn’t be worse than what a seasoned incumbent can do).

The second reason to vote out all incumbents is to show them they ARE ACCOUNTABLE & that everyone will get booted out every two years, so none can ever become “career politicians” > the most corrupt & dangerous kind.

Sounds like a good plan at this late date.  Could it be any worse? :-/  Since such a massive kick-out of all incumbents has never happened before, it would certainly be something to see it happen!


The below is the newest KTAO newsletter dated 10/31/10, 8:42pm.  It should be up at their site shortly, if the below html email is not viewable at amplify & posterous:

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Quotes To Remember

“God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. We have had thirteen States independent for eleven years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half, for each State. What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion?”
Thomas Jefferson to William S. Smith

“The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then. It is like a storm in the atmosphere.”
Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Adams, 1787


It’s absolutely dumfounding why anyone would consider allowing any career politicians back into public office, especially one who is named after a lizard . . . which is not very far from being a snake! Oh that’s right, he is a snake! In case everyone has forgotten, just about every single career politician is a snake!

It’s also dumfounding because I believe most people know career politicians cannot be trusted any farther than you can drool down your chin. If you’re someone who would say, “I like Newt,” perhaps it’s time for a little self-psychoanalysis. Why the h*** is that so? It can’t be because he’s actually worthy of fondness. It has to be because, once again, Newt is a great performer and he has absolutely no problem acting charming and sincere all the while looking you right in the face and lying to you without blinking an eye.

Remember, Newt has been a career politician for over thirty-one years. He was reprimanded with ethics sanctions when he was Speaker of the House by a vote of 395 to 28. Roughly a year later he ended up stepping down as Speaker and left the House as well. Let’s not forget the bizarre ad in which he sat with the equally snake-like Nancy Pelosi for an ad campaign aimed at conning us all into believing the fraud of man-made global warming (watch it here) so the same snakes could tax the living c*** out of everything and everybody in the name of reducing our carbon footprints. Perhaps the choicest moment for our loveable Newt came when he decided it was a good idea to hand divorce papers to his first wife, Jackie, the mother of his two daughters, as she lay in her hospital bed after uterine cancer surgery.

Yes, Newt is another fine example of someone we should keep putting in the mix of useless politicians that dutifully do the bidding of those in real power, the bankers and their corporations that have become nothing but a public menace. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. We love Newt. He’s just so cute.

If the “Lesser of Two Evils Idea” Is Something You Act Out In The Voting Booth, Why Does It Matter So Much Who Replaces Incumbents?

One of the most ridiculous things I hear over and over is, “How do we know when we vote them out that we’re not just replacing them with people who are just as bad.” Then I point out that even if we seem to have a choice it usually ends up being a choice between the “lesser of two evils” anyway so what’s the big deal?

Fact is that we know the vast majority of people in Congress are about as evil as you can get. Our political and election system is corrupt, so corrupt that the odds are that just about everyone running for office with a chance of beating an incumbent is going to be bankrolled as well as the incumbent. Anyone bankrolled as well as the incumbents will most likely be as bad as the incumbent. Candidates that seem to be good people aren’t bankrolled so they are perceived by voters as being unelectable because “they can’t win” against the well funded establishment candidates. Voters conclude that they can’t vote for who they want because they will be throwing away their votes on candidates that can’t win. If they don’t throw their votes to “the lesser of two evils” the really evil one will win and we sure don’t want that.

Has a degree of being “less bad” ever made any difference? I mean seriously. Bad is bad folks. The whole notion of less bad is another hair-brained concept that we have folded into our collective arsenal of brilliant dysfunctional attitudes. It’s time to really look hard at the choices we are making and why we’re making them.

I’ve concluded that most of what we do is based on nothing more substantial than deep-rooted social conditioning. Most of what we do is nutty and we keep doing nutty things because we all keep repeating the same story about the need to do it to each other. We have to vote for the lesser of two evils. WHY? Don’t you think it’s time to think of something else to try and some healthy reasons to justify doing it?

If all we usually end up doing is voting crappy people into office anyway the notion that we have to worry about replacing incumbents with someone just as bad is silly. The way we end up playing the game that is an inevitable outcome anyway. The game is orchestrated to con us into acting out the same behavior pattern every single time. It would take an act of God for voters to actually vote for the good candidates they usually perceive as not being electable. If voters would do that perhaps we could change things that way. But it’s not going to happen. It never happens. Voters will not vote in large enough numbers for candidates they perceive an unelectable.

Listen. We have to look at the playing field we’re on and what we have to work with. Since only the well-funded and media-hyped candidates are going to be perceived as the ones that “can win” those are the cards we are being dealt. That’s not going to change as long as the game is set up the way it is. You may wish it were another way. However, this is and we are stuck with it. Let’s take the cards we’re dealt and do something unexpected with them. We can play the game in a way our controllers don’t expect and cannot control.

The Kick Them All Out Voting Strategy

If you want to hold current members of Congress accountable all we need to do on election day is throw all our votes to the strongest challenger to the incumbent. It’s that simple . . . even if you can’t stand the challenger. Even if you think they’re worse than the incumbent is, I guarantee they are not that much worse. Remember, bad is bad. There’s no such thing as better bad.
If we are ever going to turn things around we must stop worrying about the “lesser of two evils” or that we must and get “a good person” into office. The so-called good people are usually perceived as being unelectable therefore they are.

This leaves us with only two choices. One choice is to vote the way we usually do, which ensures incumbents will remain in office. Secondly, we can dispassionately vote incumbents out by casting all our votes to the strongest challenger. The goal of the election must be to hold current members of Congress accountable by removing them from office. This is strong medicine folks and strong medicine often tastes nasty. The bottom line is someone has to get more votes than the incumbent or the incumbent will remain in office.

It’s Time For A Revolution At The Polls

Most voters have historically opted to vote along party lines because of their strong political identities as a liberal Democrat or conservative Republican. The rest of the voters without any allegiance to the two main parties don’t have an identity that could unite their votes, so the votes they cast are wasted. It’s not a coincidence that virtually everyone is Congress is either a Democrat or Republican.

The KTAO Project voting strategy is something that has never been tried before. It’s a way to concentrate the votes of everyone who doesn’t identify with either the Democratic or Republican Party and those who have grown disillusioned with their party. Our voting strategy can harness all those votes and in a way that would produce a precedent setting result that will allow us to experience the power of our vote for the first time in history. For our votes to have any actual power, we must cast them in a way that will hold member of Congress accountable by removing them from office. Until we produce that result, our votes, our elections are worthless. We NEVER end up holding anyone accountable. As it stands now, members of Congress can do whatever they want and they usually end up winning reelection.

The Kick Them All Out Project voting strategy can also harness a vast number of votes that never get cast, the votes of people who are so disillusioned they don’t even participate. Those that don’t vote feel there’s no point since their vote never makes any difference. Of course, they’re right because if we keep voting the same way we always do, it doesn’t make any difference. It’s a rigged game. The Kick Them All Out voting strategy changes all that by making the election process a purely utilitarian act. We eliminate the political aspects entirely. We must become dispassionate political atheists. When we do that, the grip political parties have on us evaporates. The grip of the powers-that-be evaporates. These groups, these people can only influence us if we buy into their version of reality. Our voting strategy steps entirely outside their sick little box where they can’t tug the strings of our political conditioning. There is freedom outside of the box. To a great extent, the reason we’re in the mess we’re in stems from our willingness to go along with their version of “how things are supposed to work.” If you haven’t noticed, their version of reality doesn’t work very well for anyone but them.

It Doesn’t Matter Who Replaces The Incumbents

If we buck up and do what needs to be done, if most of us muster the courage to set political attachments aside and cast all our votes to the strongest challengers we will remove the bulk of incumbents, even with vote tampering. We will accomplish something that the world has never seen. We will have demonstrated that we can unite with purpose, despite all our attachments and differences, to make our voice heard, as a nation.

Just imagine the day after the election when the statistics are reversed, from 90% getting to keep their jobs to 90% losing their jobs! If we do this, even if everyone that takes their place is just as bad (which isn’t likely) the new freshmen members of Congress will have to deal with something no Congress has ever had to deal with. They will KNOW we just fired everyone that came before them. They will KNOW we mean business and that we won’t fall for their crap any more. We will have demonstrated we’ve grown up. We KNOW the whole thing was a big con job, a farce and we’re not falling for it anymore. The new Congress will know it’s time to play OUR GAME. Our game demands that members of Congress do one main thing, to protect and defend the Constitution, to enforce the Constitution in order to protect our unalienable rights. They will see that serving in public office is no longer a path to wealth and power. We’re changing the rules. Representatives serve one term and we send them packing. We begin to dry up the gravy train. We set a new precedent that ends the notion that once you are elected and play ball with the power brokers, you stay in office.

We can do this and it’s not hard. What’s hard is giving up the strong emotional attachments to our political identity. Once you do that, it’s easy as pie. You just do what needs to be done. We do this enough times and the whole ball game changes in ways we can’t even imagine right now. If we adopt a “NEVER RE-ELECT ANYONE POLICY,” for the foreseeable future how can it not radically alter the political landscape?

The bottom line is we have to start somewhere with something and fast. We don’t have many options. We can’t get our hands on the bankers. We can’t get our hands on the banker’s minions that staff all the regulatory agencies and bureaucracies. The only people we can get our hands on are elected representatives. Our only “direct” Constitutional power is the power to hire and fire these people. Putting the KTAO voting strategy into action will give us the biggest bang for the buck of anything we could do.

So, the big question is do you have the coconuts to become a political atheist and do what needs to be done or not?

Bank Battle Update

Amazing news. OneWest Bank and Freddie Mac have both failed to answer my state complaint. Freddie Macs’ deadline was October 17th and OneWests’ deadline was October 27th. We are preparing to file a motion for default judgment on Monday. I fully expect that they will file motions for an extension of time but I’m going to appeal to the judge to deny their motions on the grounds that they sure were in a big hurry to toss me on the street and steal my home. Now, suddenly when they can’t hide behind the banker biased statutes they are dragging their feet?

The Federal damages law suit wasn’t answered either but OneWest has hired a big law firm in Denver and they’ve asked for an extension of time. They have till the 4th of November. I also found out that the Federal court as pulled a famous judge out of retirement, Judge Matsch, the guy who presided over the Timothy McVeigh trial, to hear my case. Don’t know if that’s good or bad yet. If I manage to get a default judgment in the state case and get my title quieted, then I would expect the Federal case would be a cake walk. What are they going to do, especially with the mainstream media covering more and more of the truth about the massive amounts of fraud perpetrated by the bankers. Check out this latest video interview by the Attorney General of Ohio!

The drama continues.

Bruce McDonald

If you’d like to blog this article, you can find it posted here.


What Supporters Are Saying

“You summarize specifically, to the point, exactly what is wrong with our government and an awesome, easy to implement, strategy for REMOVAL of those in office who continue to spiral our country down a very destructive path! I love the idea of voting out ALL incumbents! This is no longer a democratic vs republican problem. It is an institutional mindset that has completely grid locked our country from the critical changes needed to be made that will put the government back into the hands of the PEOPLE. The whole system is CORRUPT because those in power keep it that way. Thanks for putting into words & action what is on the minds and hearts of sooooooo many frustrated American’s!”

Important News Stories
These are a few stories from our Latest News Section and from our archives to put the “real world” into proper perspective.

November 2010 #1

NEW KTAO Campaign Video – Please help this video go VIRAL!

  • Southpark – The Importance of Saving Money
    Humor is amazing. It can present horrible truth and make you laugh about it. So while this is one of the funniest segments of Southpark I’ve ever seen, it exposes the stark reality of what the establishment banking institutions have turned into, a black hole that consumes our hard earned wealth and gives back NOTHING in return.
  • Bloomberg News – Ohio Attorney General On Foreclosure Fraud
    Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray talks about the probe by attorneys general in all 50 states into mortgage foreclosure practices and the disclosure by Wells Fargo & Co. that it found flaws in court documents.
  • Dylan Ratigan – Couple Uses Same Tactics As Bank To Reclaim Their Property
    Dylan Ratigan interviews a woman and her lawyer who have employed the same tactics as the banks have been using. After the bank stole their home, tossed them out and changed their locks, this family changed the locks right back at them and moved back in! Wait till you hear how the bank treated them before they stole their home and tossed the couple and their 9 children on the streets.
  • 60 Minutes – The Unemployment Picture Much Bleaker Than Federal Stats Sugggest
    This is a sobering report on CBS’ “60 Minutes”, the unemployment picture is shown to be much bleaker than the federal statistics suggest.
  • History They Don’t Teach You In School – A Brief History Of Jewish Terrorism and Spying
    Prior to 9/11, the FBI had discovered the presence of a massive spy ring inside the United States run by the government of Israel. This seems a harsh gratitude from a nation which obtains 10% of its annual budget from the American taxpayer, $3+ billion a year. Over the years, American taxpayers have been required to send Israel more than four times what the US spent to go to the moon.

  • NEW The Secret of OZ – his new film by the makers of the Money Masters is shorter, more entertaining and a MUST SEE for all your friends and family. This is the single most important information for every member of our nation to learn.
  • Beyond Treason – Records that span over a decade point to negligence and even culpability on the part of the U.S. Department of Defense and their “disposable army” mentality. From the first Gulf War the VA has determined that 250,000 troops are now permanently disabled, 15,000 troops are dead, over 425,000 troops are ill and slowly dying from what the Department of Defense still calls a “mystery disease.”
  • NEW Invisible Empire – A New World Order Defined – For the first time ever, the secret agenda of the planet’s ruthless Super-class is exposed in stark detail. This documentary film chronicles how men of power and influence have worked in stealth for centuries to establish an oppressive world government. Learn how this global oligarchy controls the populace through drug trafficking, money laundering, staged terror attacks, media propaganda and debt.
  • MUST SEE End Game – For those that rule this planet, the relative handful of elites with most of the wealth and power, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, while enabling the elites to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker ALEX JONES reveals their secret plan for humanity’s extermination: Operation ENDGAME.

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    You Must See This New Films!

    This is the much-anticipated new film by the director/writer of the Money Masters. This new film is shorter, more entertaining and provides you with a deep insight into money, how it’s supposed to be issues and used and how the private bankers have seized control over it.

    What’s the secret behind “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?” Nations don’t have to borrow money! That’s right, NO MORE NATIONAL DEBT! It’s the interest on the debt that’s killing the economy. The solution is nothing radical; Abraham Lincoln used it to win the Civil War. Colonial America became prosperous by this method.

    Director Bill Still focuses on the populist movement of the late 1800’s — the William Jennings Bryan era – when the monetary reformers were strongest – right when “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” was written. Order Here.

    From the Tea Party Movement to the Patriot Movement to State Legislators, the American people are drawing a line in the sand. On what side of it will you stand? Has the government our Founders created been forgotten by Washington DC? Is a Patriot Uprising ready to capture the spirit of 1776? “Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic” gives the viewer a look into the movements, mind set, and legislation that will catapult the “Great Restoration” into households across America. What side of the line will you stand?
    Order Here.


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    For those of you who have started or belong to other meetup groups, like a Tea Party Meetup, Campaign For Liberty, 912, We Surround Them, or any related meetup group, please ask the organizers to Add “Fire Congress” to the list of “Meetup Topics.” This will allow your group to show up on our Fire Congress Meetup page so people in your area will be able to find your meetup group though our Fire Congress Meetup page.

    The Fire Congress Campaign

    Our Fire Congress Meetup Groups are the easiest way for you to help us build the network of people to spread the word about our campaign to convince voters to vote out ALL incumbents in 2010. The meetup group system makes it easy for people to find each other and organize this most critical effort. Join or start a group here.

    For those of you on Facebook, please visit our Fire Congress Facebook page and join up so all your Facebook friends can become aware of our campaign.

    Operation Pink Slip

    Call To All Americans who are SICK TO DEATH of all the corruption infesting our government, to participate in the Fire Congress “Pink Slip Mail-in Campaign.” It’s time for the American people to make it very clear what’s in store for our current representatives with Operation Pink Slip. More Info here.

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      Please Check Out These Other Fine Groups That We Support

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      Send This Book To Your County Sheriff!

      The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope: If you want to do something to save our nation from the tyrants that are gutting it as fast as they can, please send this book to your county sheriff. It will only cost you $14, which includes shipping. If we can get every Sheriff in the country to understand the real power and duty of their office, we can stop the coming tyranny dead in its tracks. More info here.

      The Precinct Project: This group has THE strategy we need in order to take back control of our elections and rid the two main political parties of their corrupt leadership. Precinct Project Meetup The

      Oath Keepers: Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, veterans, peace officers, and firefighters who will fulfill the oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. More info here.

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