Audio: America’s Disastrous Economic Collapse

Begin forwarded message from Texe Marrs:
From: “Power of Prophecy” <>
Date: February 5, 2010 6:20:14 PM EST
Subject: This Week on  our Streaming Audio – America’s Disastrous Economic Collapse

Dear Friends,

The World Economic Forum met earlier this year in Davos, Switzerland. What future plans were decided upon?  What is “Sovereign Debt?” Are nations in the European Union staring at bankruptcy? Will Moody Investment Services downgrade the United States credit rating? Who really nominated Ben Bernanke for another 4-year term as head of the Federal Reserve? Did Dr. Markus Reinhardt, chief of security of the World Economic Forum really commit suicide? Who is Maurice Strong? For the answers to these questions, and so much more, don’t miss this week’s exclusive report, America’s Disastrous Economic Collapse—Did the Illuminati Elite Pull the Plug?

Click this link or copy and paste it in the address line of your internet browser:

Then, scroll down until you see, America’s Disastrous Economic Collapse, and click the link.

If you listen to us on your shortwave radio, please be advised that due to circumstances beyond our control, Power of Prophecy will air on a new frequency beginning this weekend. The new frequency is 4.775. The broadcast times are still 7pm-8pm CT on Saturday, and 9pm-10pm on Sunday.

All God’s Best,
Jerry Barrett

P.S. I have re-sent this email to insure that you will be able to click the link and listen to our Audio Streaming.

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