The “Double-Mind” Theory & Practice of Hell & Illuminism: Texe Marrs Report



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3 responses to “The “Double-Mind” Theory & Practice of Hell & Illuminism: Texe Marrs Report

  1. TPR

    This mystery problem of only the headlines showing up when posts are emailed (from iphone) has been occurring for about a month. I was deleting the defunct post attempts, but to help get the matter resolved, I think it is best to leave them up as they appear which may assist the Posterous team to determine the problem.Apologies to anyone who comes to read the post, which I will include as a comment below (but without the photos obviously). Please stand by…


  2. TPR

    Here is what should have appeared with the above email, the “missing body/content”:~~~~~~~~~Source:  TEXE MARRS:…)”This doctrine (of the double-mind) also embodies the same philosophy as the Jews’ cabalism, Darwin’s theory of evolution, Hegel’s conflict of opposites, Easton’s systems theory, and Marx’s dialectical materialism. It is the basis for the Orient’s Taoism philosophy, the Hindu’s “Maya”(Illusion), and the Persian Zoroaster’s Zend-Avesta teachings…”(…)Read More Here:  “Ways of the Serpent:  The Theory & Practice of Hell & Illuminism”: the July 2010 Power of Prophecy: A Newsletter Ministry of Texe Marrs: “Power of Prophecy” <powerofprophecy>Date: June 29, 2010 5:47:36 PM EDTSubject: Power of Prophecy Newsletter for July 2010Dear Friends, The principle of double mindedness is the chief instrument of the Illuminati in the spreading of serpentine darkness throughout the world. This Illuminati “doctrine” is scientific and effective in deceiving and managing a captive audience. Today, virtually the entire world has been beguiled by the serpent and his human minions in the Illuminati. Anyone who understands this predicament is met with ridicule, scorn and rebuff. Jesus Christ well understood this satanic doctrine, and he branded the double-minded Jews as servants of the devil. This month’s explosive Power of Prophecy feature article, Ways of the Serpent—The Theory and Practice of Hell and Illuminism exposes this vile “doctrine” and arms you, the reader, with important knowledge. This article is a must read for you, your friends, and your family. Please share this important information with everyone in your address book. To view this month’s newsletter please click or copy/paste: All God’s Best,Jerry BarrettWebmaster~~~~~~~~~~



    Update: Please see screenshots of above post here:


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