Gulf Oil Spill: Behind The Scenes Connections


Besides the more well-known Cheney/Halliburton connection to the Gulf oil spill… (take your pic from any of these articles)……

…check out this 6/20/10 Report for even more culprits behind the scenes…

“Startling Revelations. More going on in The Gulf Of Mexico Than An Oil Spill!” – JoAnneMor’s Blog:…

You have to read all the way down that post to see the interlocking connections… (very reminiscent of the many evil sticky fingers that were involved in 9/11).

Their interconnected goal? Create huge dead zones (Gulf, Great Lakes) to propogate algae farms for the up & coming trillions of dollars biofuel industry in which they, themselves, stand to profit.

Does Florida Governor Charlie Crist know? See above article.



On a lighter note, one of the contributors to the above report has the username of “czargazing.” Lol. Ingenious.

Great political art for the times we live in…







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