Has Hollywood Desensitization of the Public Finally “Paid Off”?

“Jennifer Seeger was in the [Aurora, Colorado] theater and thought it was a theatrical thing at first when the suspect came in the theater covered with black clothes, a vest and wearing a gas mask.” Source: “12 Dead After Shooting During ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie” – CBS Denver:

And she wasn’t the only one to share that thinking, as reported in several news reports today. That attitude PROVES that the ongoing & incessant “terror in your face” images & tactics of Hollywood & the Military Industrial Complex HAS SUCCEEDED when people think the enemy is their “friend” & are not even alarmed!

It reminded me of several years ago when I saw on TV an Orlando CHURCH SERVICE where 3 guys in SWAT GEAR rappelled down ropes from the high ceiling to the church’s front stage:

9/25/06: SWAT TEAMS in CHURCH – What Next?

Sunday 9/24/06… One of the large Orlando churches was having their weekly regular service on TV yesterday… it’s a BIG church, I forget the name, either a Baptist or Assembly of God.

Flipping by the channel it was total shock as I see three men in camouflage army fatigues, black tee-shirts and black helmets rappelling down from the very high ceiling of the church using three separate ropes. Eventually they wiggled themselves all the way down to the stage of the church and the Pastor called them over and each “spider man” introduced himself and told why he was glad to be part of the Orlando police SWAT Team. Like I said, they each had on baggy army-camouflage pants, black tee-shirts, thick black gloves, big boots, and black helmets. I tell you it was CREEPY. And what a “dramatic” entrance to boot.


I’m sorry but this type of thing makes me shake my head in disbelief (what will they think of next?


I couldn’t believe my eyes, really, and immediately recalled the article I had just sent the day or two before entitled WRONG DOOR re: “Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America”:


We could change that to read: “OVERKILL (too much “drama” for me in Church these days): The Rise of Paramilitary Entertainment in Churches.”

This was NOT the first time I have seen “camouflage army fatigues” related to church events, either:

–I’ve seen pastor Zachery Tims do his preaching in his huge Orlando church in an army camouflage outfit. [7/20/12 Update: Tims was found dead last year in a NYC hotel room, supposedly with a white powder substance in his pocket.]

–That music youth group, CHOSEN, always wears army camouflage pants (which grosses me out. Can’t Karen Wheaten find something nicer for those kids to wear? How about some colorful tropical Florida colors? Greens and Pinks and Yellows ;-) Sure beats the dreaded black and camouflage).

This really is startling if you stop and think about it, especially knowing what we know about FEMA’s Soviet Training for Pastors:



And ditto re: the overall New World Order agenda:

–To destroy churches from the inside out.

–To “mentally prepare” people for what the NWO has up their sleeve (ie, get people USED TO SEEING MILITARY in everyday life. First it was airports, then in the streets, and NOW IN CHURCHES).

What is all this telling us? I think the answer is clear. If these Christian leaders are NOT actually Masonic fronts or anything like that, then they are simply totally suckered in by the Devil and his seducing spirits; suckered in to the “military culture” and for some insane reason they think it’s cute to “dress up” their churches with this type of stuff. (I wonder if Hitler followed a similar M.O. for the churches in his pre-dictatorship days?)

WWJD: Can you picture Jesus putting on a Roman army officer’s uniform just to amuse (or attract) more crowds to his Sermon on the Mount?

Personally, I think the “message” these churches are sending by welcoming this “military presence” (whether fake or real) is downright OMINOUS whether they realize it or not. I couldn’t help but wonder what those 3 SWAT Team Christian-brothers who roped-themselves-down to the church stage will say when they are commanded by their superiors to round-up their fellow congregants from that Church and escort them to the forced-vaccination depots at Walmart, or escort them to the UN trains… for a ride to the “red or blue” camps… […]

11/12/06: PERSECUTION COMING to USA Christians, says Bill Keller: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/THE_PARADISE_REPORTER/message/4080

Keller had asked: “I wonder if a group of men armed with automatic weapons came into your church on Sunday…”

Well, they didn’t have weapons, but they came in their SWAT TEAM clothes to this particular church… read about it here… talk about “conditioning the flock”…


And add yet another preacher I’ve seen since then in army-camouflage-
outfit with army-camouflage-cap (the kind Castro used to wear) preaching to his congregation… a young African preacher whose ministry is called J.U.M.P. Ministries (Not sure what the acronym stands for). He’s based in our area and also in Orlando and has his show on TV locally… […]


I quit going TO movie theaters in the 1970’s, but went to ONE in the 1980’s, dragged there by “Christian friends.” I hated every minute of it yet NONE of them even cringed at or mentioned the grotesque “star” of the movie & the movie’s obvious “alien” parallel re the resurrection of Christ (not to mention the disgusting “penis breath” comment by another kid actor at the outset). After the movie they all just laughed & chatted it up! Yes, it was the movie “ET.” UGH! All “alien” garbage is demonic, & the resurrection scene was blasphemous. How could they not see that? “I take things too seriously,” they would say. Baloney.

Admittedly I watched some TV movies in the 1990’s, mostly of the Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, Harrison Ford “drama” variety, but only if they were on the main networks as I didn’t have cable. My last TV series “holdouts” were Law & Order & CSI Miami, both of which I dumped by 2007/8… free of all secular TV since then. Once you detach, your mind/heart never wants to go back!

“WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE TRUE … think on THESE things.” — Phil. 4:8.


Please young people (& old people, too): Wean yourself off of Hollywood, TV, pop music, etc. All of it is full of demonic & occult messages/symbols & violence &/or immorality these days. For one site that focuses on exposing such things, please visit: http://VigilantCitizen.com (Young people ARE waking up but it’s a heartbreaker when they post comments there saying that now that they “have eyes to see” & try to tell their young friends, they are called “crazy” by their friends. It can’t be easy for young people. The truth is on your side, young ones, so be “courageous & strong”!)


And last but not least, condolences to anyone/everyone harmed & to all families of victims who were killed in this latest Colorado tragedy.



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  1. TPR

    “The USA used to have an organization known as the Legion of Decency in the 1930s. As the Great Depression deepened, the crime rate rose as people became increasingly needy and desperate. The Legion of Decency recognized that watching dirty, violent movies incites crime. The Legion of Decency had a pledge recited in churches, and I have read it.

    “The person giving the Pledge promised to avoid movies that “glorify crime and criminals.” Isn’t that precisely what Hollywood movies do nowadays?”

    Reader comment from:
    7/21/12:  “Locked & Loaded” – Vietnam Veteran Calls for More Guns:


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