Blogger-Posterous-Amplify Update as of 4/8/10

Blogger-Posterous-Amplify Update

Just wondering if pics sent by email to Blogger blogs still show up as little blue boxes… they did in 2009 which is why I never bothered finishing setting up this blog:

But then I started using Posterous to autopost to Blogger to see how that would work… It worked for a while (Summer/Fall 2009 thru early-2010):

But in early 2010 emails to Posterous blogs began posting as blanks & other problems, which then autoposted those problems to Blogger.
After months & no resolution from Posterous, I started using Amplify in August 2010 to autopost to Posterous & Blogger:

That worked, though not that great but do-able. But in March 2011 Posterous turned off Amplify's API so no more can I use Amplify for autoposting to Posterous, though I could still use it to autopost to Blogger.

However, also in March 2011, Amplify decided it does not want to be a blogging site anymore. They also decided to start chopping off headlines at 40-characters. So the future with them is not only unsatisfactory but unreliable.

So now the "blank posts" have returned when direct email-posting to Posterous. See MobiCritique:

Now, April 2011, I am back to considering Blogger but not if pics don't show up. And/or WordPress. I wonder if WP autoposts to Blogger? I'll look into that next.

Round & Round We Go… :-/


To: BGGC.yg
BCC: TPR.b & TPR.a & TPR.p
BCC: MC.wp & MC.a



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One response to “Blogger-Posterous-Amplify Update as of 4/8/10

  1. >The above email was typed in iphone Mail app & emailed directly to Blogger:1. Pic did show up but it is smaller than the one autoposted from Amplify to Blogger.2. Tons of jagged lines of text, looks terrible.3. At least no excess white space./TPR


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