Must read!  First start here…

“Let’s Take America Back From Israel!”:

In the above article is a link to another article re the upcoming vote on 12/21/10 by the FCC whose Chairman is a staunch Talmudist, along with a 2nd Jewish FCC Commissioner.

Read more here:

“Jewish Appointies Could End Free Internet”:

…which says in part…


Take Action!

The FCC will make its final decision on December 21. Save the Internet Coalition asks us to sign a petition to Michael Copps and Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. Also, call your Congressmen at 1-877-851-6437 toll-free with this message provided by the Coalition:

“More than 1.9 million Americans have expressed support for Net Neutrality at Congress and the FCC. They want control over the Internet to remain in the hands of the people who use it every day. Please stand with the public by protecting Net Neutrality once and for all.”

It’s not that certain FCC heads are Jewish, the problem is HOW these particular Talmudist-FCC guys THINK.  In quotes from their own mouths, they think we should be forced to partake of information contrary to our belief systems and values because, otherwise, according to them, people tend to “balkanize” into groups of like-minded people (look who’s talking > Pot calling the kettle black!) and, well, we just can’t have that, you know…

If you understand the New World Order agenda, you will see right through their farce.  The Talmudists’ goal, just as with their destruction of gender identities, the dumbing down of education, the proliferation of occult & raunchy sex on TV/movies, etc. etc., is they want to pollute, confuse, undermine, and thereby destroy all belief systems and convictions that are righteous & create a world full of “group think” One World drones.

Obviously, too many people are waking up and “balkanizing,” thanks to the internet, & they want to stop that trend by force-feeding people on a wider-polluted diet of whatever garbage they deem fit so you won’t know what you believe any more & will just succumb & blend into the eventual global mass of blind jello-personalities, their desired goal for you.

Jello anyone?




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