Israeli “Aliyah Promoter” Denied USA Visa

Well here’s a switch from the norm…

“Roy Tov: USA Denies Visa to Jewish Knesset Member” (undated article):

“Member of the Knesset Michael Ben Ari scratched his withered beard in disbelief. In February 2012, he was denied an entry visa to the USA on the basis of his membership in a terror organization. Shortly before that, he had submitted a request to the US consulate for a visa in order to take part in two conferences, one aimed at encouraging aliyah to Israel (i.e. to encourage US citizens to leave the US). He was told by the American embassy that he cannot be granted the visa since the US State Department prohibits the entrance of people who were involved in terror activities or were members of a terror organization in a foreign country. The embassy didn’t specify which terror organization it was referring to.”[…]

Interesting. A Jewish person not getting their way? Unheard of. :) I guess he needs a good Jewish lawyer.

(I know of one, a real badger, but I don’t think haranguing with the State Dept. was his forte. His specialty was making insurance companies bleed for not paying claims …along with making their paid-by-the-hour corporate defense attorney puppets pull their hair out over his voluminous paperwork. :)

It turns out the above Ben Ari guy was mentored by the now deceased/ murdered (1990) dual-USA/Israeli citizen/Rabbi Kahane who had founded the Jewish Defense League (JDL) & who used to heavily promote Aliyah, warning USA Jews to move to Israel “before it’s too late!”

Maybe the State Dept. doesn’t want any extra voices crying for Jews to leave the USA(?) Maybe their evil brethren Banksters want to bleed them dry first, right here at home(?) Maybe the Banksters & USA War Machine want all that Jewish money that even good guy Jews tend to make(?)

Another consideration is, which will come first? The destruction of the USA or the False Jewish Messiah (Antichrist) appearing in Israel?

If it’s the former, then USA Jews moving to Israel may buy themselves a little more time. But eventually they would find themselves at the doorstep of the Antichrist. Probably better just to stay put, right where they are.

Israel was never even in the radar of my former boss, & best girlfriend. They were both born in the good old USA, neither ever visited Israel, & I can’t see either of them ever conceiving of any such thing as Aliyah. They are totally Americanized. I don’t even think the destruction of the USA would send them running to Israel. See Act V. below:


Barbara Aho
January 1, 2006
ACT V. Exodus / Aliya:
–Jewish exodus from the U.S. before its destruction
–Secular media to preach Kabbalist gospel to the Jews
–Reestablishment of Sanhedrin in Israel to administer the Noahide Laws
–Plans to establish subsidiary Sanhedrin in the U.S.


Also this reader comment from 2007 at Henry Makow’s site:

Found/Saved by me Thurs. 9/22/11:

Jews Warn Messianic-Jews of Persecution of Christians:

Snipped Partial Quote:

Pam Schuffert said (February 24, 2007):


HOWEVER, in the course of my researching to xpose the NEW WORLD ORDER, I am forced through TEARS and true sorrow to admit the large element of Jewish involvement in this upcoming world globalist agenda. (including in the past thru a VERY Jewish Boklshevik communist “wipe out the Christians” agenda”) I know many aspects of it, right down to NOAHIDE LAWS and the several million guillotines in this nation, admitted by CIA contacts I work with, to BEHEAD NWO RESISTANCE, NOAHIDE LAW STYLE (with the ultimate “BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD” in the minds of the Pharasaically-bent LUBAVITCHER originators of the Noahide laws being, “JESUS CHRIST/Yahshua ha’Moshiach is GOD IN THE FLESH AND MESSIAH!.”

Richard Perlse worked with Senator “Scoop” Jackson when he went on a secret mission to order 20,000 CHinese PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES to be used in a future AMERICAN HOLOCAUST agenda to haul people, Nazi style, to the camps established throughout America to TERMINATE NWO RESISTERS.

There are those Jews in places of power, like MICHAEL CHERTOFF, who understands very well the purposes of the boxcars, camps, and how many
CHRISTIANS are the targets THIS time around (sigh.) Yes, MICHAEL CHERTOFF,your hour of anticipated glee is coming soon….I can hear the trains coming down the tracks!

As my friend SAIDA, a Messianic Sephardic Jew, told me while I was lecturing in her felloswhip in Tulsa, “Oh, I ALREADY KNOW about martial law and all these things! My Jewish relatives who do NOT believe in Jesus, have been warning me to COME OUT OF MY CHRISTIAN BELIEFS NOW, because it’s gonna be TIME FOR THE CHRISTIANS TO GO TO THE CAMPS NEXT!” She elaborated. I guess it’s now kind of a standing joke amongst certain jewish groups, about the future demise and persecution fo the Christians in the camps… even as my CIA sources also warned me they will be among major NWO targets for round up and elimination due to their intolerance to the NWO doctrines…

And the Lubavitcher-minded/Noahide Law elements will not have a problem as Christians are rounded up and beheaded for their faith. And in spite of all I know, I will enver stop loving the Jews. God’s love is not reactionary.. .it is eternal and constant. I am just very sad over all that I know is to come.



The above is just a part of a longer reader comment posted here:



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