Next President Clues: Reading the Signals

A great (& funny) example of reading between the lines & interpreting the news:

1. The super liberal (liberal means Communist) Newsweek Magazine runs a cover photo & article saying Obama Must Go!

2. But isn’t Obama the darling Communist-President of the leftist/Communist liberals? Yes!

3. So what gives with a Communist magazine saying their beloved Communist President needs to go?

4. Henry Makow’s tweet of 8/20/12 explains in less than 10 words, lol:

Henry Makow Henry Makow@HenryMakow 5h
Illuminati signal Obama is toast –
Ferguson is Rothschild biographer

5. Ah ha! So there you have it. The author of the Newsweek article, Niall Ferguson, besides having many other “impressive” credentials, is the Rothschilds’ biographer!

6. Rothschilds are among the behind-the-scenes “string-pulling elite” of world events (collectively, the string-pullers are commonly referred to as the Illuminati).

7. Rothschilds tell their biographer, “Go write a hit piece against our leftist-puppet, Obama, & print it in our Communist rag (that is broke, btw, & could use a big sales boost) to signal to all the adepts across the world that we are switching gears to our right-wing-puppet for the upcoming election, & to get over themselves.”

8. Lol, too funny. The article Henry linked to (see below) had a reader comment that liberals he knew were furious over the Newsweek article & were “spinning on their eyebrows” & basically spitting nails, lol. Don’t they know by now that neither political party has any power but that all is orchestrated from behind-the-scenes by the globalist NWO string-pullers?

9. As has said for many years, when the Elite Luciferian String-Pullers want to advance their overseas NWO agenda, they put a Republican President in office (think GHW & GW Bush & Gulf Wars 1-2); but when they want to advance the USA domestic NWO agenda (like Communist “HealthCare”), they put a Democrat President in office.

10. And wasn’t Romney at Bilderberg in Chantilly in June? There’s another big clue! Romney In, Obama Out.

Fun article:

6/5/12: Bilderberg 2012: Were Mitt Romney & Bill Gates There?” – The Guardian UK:

And here’s the other link mentioned above:

8/20/12: Newsweek says Obama Must Go:

Bottom Line: USA Presidential elections are rigged & decided in advance. Look for the clues!

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One response to “Next President Clues: Reading the Signals

  1. TPR

    More interesting clues that Obama is a gone’r. Seems Granny Robinson has been talking to her friends in the Windy City that she & the Obamas won’t be going back to Hyde Park/Chicago but will be moving to Hawaii come January 2013:

    Part 1: 8/31/12:  “The Obamas Already Preparing for Move to Hawaii in January 2013: Hyde Park neighbors talking about Chicago house being sold soon”:

    Part 2: 9/2/12:  “Who Is Funding the Purchase of the $35 million Beachfront Hawaiian Estate for Barack and Michelle Obama to Move into Come January 2013? – Penny Pritzker organizing the funding to purchase Obama’s new post-presidential home in Hawaii for 2013:”


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