Steps to a “New World Order Church”


3. They must bring the church into paganization through syncretism.

This is a program-in-progress even now, where, degree by degree, we “lower the bar” of truth in order to let unchurched people gain entrance – not to the Kingdom of God – but to this new church.

In this church, there will be:
–no speaking of the occult or occult practices as “bad”,
–no talk of other religions as bad,
–no speaking of Jesus as the only way.
–It will be the church that only accentuates the positive and eliminates the negative (positive and negative are also big newspeak words in this church), and
–it will grow exponentially as witches, occultists, homosexuals, radical feminists, socialists, adulterers and pedophiles realize this is a church that asks no questions, raises no standard and requires no repentance.

“Come as you are” the new banner, will never add, “Go and sin no more.”

There will be:
–no uncomfortability,
–no challenge,
–no conviction.

This church will be big on works and become the perfect “model” for the one world order who will compel people to “heal the world” rather than prepare for His return.

It will be a socialist club that will kiss the face of the Buddhist priest as they fall into eternal hell, join hands with the gay pastor in the pulpit who will go and engage those same hands in detestable and forbidden perversions and they will call him “godly” and thus fill up the blasphemy of the Whore of Babylon and re-establish the Baal prophets and homosexual prostitutes in the very house of God.

(TPR Note: That is the same description of the “Luciferian Initiation” at mid-Tribulation, per article at Barb’s site: androgenous/homo/bisexual temple prostitutes, the Abomination of Desolation, etc.:
A “Sacred” Assembly – Part 2: )

As the church is being moved away from expecting a “pie in the sky by and by”, and moved toward a socialistic works oriented religion that will take the place of social programs, it will be moving exactly into the place it was designed to by those who control the Luciferian agenda and do not want to eliminate the evangelical church, but neutralize, co-opt and absorb it.

For this Luciferian order does not wish to destroy the world, but to make it a PERFECT world – disease free, poverty free, war-free – only with Lucifer as god and not Jesus as Lord of all. The move for the emergent church to be pushed toward “repairing the world” and be overwhelmingly involved in social and political causes is all part of the plan.

What a great description of what is ALREADY well along in the Here & Now!

Read full article:

“Neutralization of the Church”:



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