2011 Year In Review from “Understand The Times”

Understand The Times Top Fifteen News Items in 2011


Here are 15 articles, in the news, that we have posted on our website. They show what has been going on in the world and the church for 2011.

This is a time to take the warnings from God’s Word seriously. It is important to follow Jesus Christ and His Word. The return of Jesus Christ is at hand. Take heed and be alert!

Following are the articles that we have chosen as the top fifteen for 2011:

15. (Biblical Heresy/Apostacy/The Harlot promotes a False “Eucharistic” Gospel): Knights of the Holy Eucharist Call Us to Genuine Eucharistic Faith – 5/24/2011

14. (Biblical Heresy/Apostacy/The Harlot promotes Goddess Worship, Denies Christ): The Blessed Mother – The Vatican’s Secret Weapon? – 11/22/2011


13. (Biblical Heresy/Apostacy/The Harlot promotes a false “Unity” gospel): Catholics, Orthodox must pursue new evangelization together, Pope tells Patriarch – 11/30/2011


12. (Biblical Heresy/Apostacy/The Harlot beds with All Religions as One Big Orgy): Pulpit pals: Christians, Jews, Muslims plan shared worship – 5/17/2011


11.(Biblical Heresy/Apostacy/The Harlot promotes her False Christ): Vatican Tries to Revive Eucharistic Adoration – 6/15/2011


10. (Biblical Heresy/Apostacy/The One World Religious Harlot loves the New Age): Rick Warren Teams up with Swedenborg Cult Follower Dr. Oz – 1/13/2011


9. (Biblical Heresy/Apostacy/The Harlot fornicates with Political Leaders): Saddleback’s Rick Warren to host ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair – 2/16/2011


8. (New World Order Threats from the Bear): Russia unveils huge rearmament drive – 2/25/2011

7. (New World Order Centralization of Food Supply): Consolidation of seed companies leading to corporate domination of world food supply – 7/27/2011

6. (New World Order Surveillance Society): We’ve got you under your skin: Battery-free surveillance device that can be implanted under the flesh
– 6/17/2011

5. (Albert Pike’s 1871 Masonic WW3 Plan to pit Arabs against Jews: They are all play-acting according to the script): Ahmadinejad: Iran is determined to eradicate Israel – 8/25/2011

4. (New World Order): EmTech: Get Ready for a New Human Species – 10/19/2011

3. (Biblical Heresy/Apostacy/One World Economic Harlot): Vatican again urges radical reform of global marketplace – 11/23/2011


2. (Biblical Heresy/Apostacy/One World False Religious Harlot): Saudi King Abdullah’s Interfaith Center in Italy to Unify the World’s Religions? – 10/17/2011


1. (Biblical Heresy/Apostacy/Ditto): Pope: All religions need to Coexist – 9/17/2011



(Parenthetical Subheadings before each item added by TPR.)


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