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A Seed From The Sower: “Don’t Forget The Children”:


“( – The Chicago Public Schools this year are mandating that the district’s kindergarten classes include sex education, fulfilling a proposal President Barack Obama supported in 2003 when he served in the Illinois state senate and later defended when he ran for president in the 2008 election cycle.”

Full story:

8/30/13: “Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’” – CNS News:


I noticed I spelled Kindergarteners differently than CNS News so I looked it up & found this discussion re the two spellings:

2011: “Is it Kindergarteners or Kindergartners?” – General Education Discussion Board:

They said Kinder is German for Children & Gartener/Gartner is German for Garden. So, very

interestingly as it could be applied to the Sex Ed news, one person joked,

“I now know what to put on my resume, a GARDENER OF CHILDREN.”

Isn’t that EXACTLY what the Marxist/Socialist/Communists want to do to all the little kids? They want to CULTIVATE the GARDEN of their innocent minds, bodies, spirits toward PERVERSION.

Don’t let them pollute the GARDEN of your child’s mind & heart with their Satanic “Pesticide.”


All that reminded me of the loveable Mr. Guido (deceased at age 94) who ran 60-second pearls of wisdom on the Good Life Christian TV channel in Orlando called “Seed from the Sower for the GARDEN OF YOUR HEART.” He always sat outside in a beautiful garden. Loved the tweeting bird opening as well. See video at top/example.


A Biblical Proverb also says, “GUARD YOUR HEART for out of it are the sources of life.”

So guard your kids’ hearts, too! It’s your job, not the Commie-infested school system’s responsibility.


And btw, you can spell it either way, but it makes sense to me, Kinder-Garten-Ers, as most agreed at that forum.



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Get the story & the letter Zalm wrote to all politicians up in his neck of the woods in Canada, here:

8/17/13: “Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm blows the whistle on Chemtrails!”:

Good for him. God bless him & protect him! as he’ll probably need it.



Where I sit in N. FLA, I’ve been here since Spring 2008. And… Summer 2008
Summer 2009
Summer 2010
Summer 2011
…were all “normal” horrible FLA Summers with the hot, clear blue sky-
sun & brutal humidity beating down so hard all day long, it practically froze-up the AC every day all those Summers.

Finally I began praying for just one big cloud to hang over ONLY my building, but leave everywhere else sunny because other people love the Summer sun & the plants & farmers need it, etc.

[Please, Lord, just one big cloud! :) ]

“The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy SHADE upon thy right hand. The SUN shall NOT smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.”
–Psalms 121:5-6.

Enter Summer 2012, last year. Something changed! I thought God had decided to answer my prayer :) as it stayed CLOUDY EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL DAY LONG, ALL SUMMER LONG JUNE JULY AUGUST. No AC hassles! Hurray! (I admit I eventually began to wonder whether the longed-for cloudiness might be chemtrails).

It wasn’t until around Oct.-Nov. last year while talking to a brother that HE (a non-NWO-knowledgeable person) brought up what a WEIRD Summer it had been because it had stayed CLOUDY EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL SUMMER LONG.

Hmm! If it had been a “God Cloud,” it was bigger than I asked for because that brother is about 10 miles away, lol. :)

Enter this Summer 2013. SAME THING AS LAST SUMMER 2012: CLOUDY EVERY SINGLE DAY, ALL DAY, JUNE, JULY, & now we are already midway through AUGUST, & NO SUN IN SIGHT (& ditto, no AC hassles). I keep wondering if they are ramping up their desire/chemtrails to poison all farming produce or whatever.

There has been a few intermittent rain/storms to go along with the clouds, as usual in Summer, but they pass through & go on their way, & it definitely is NOT raining every single day to match the non-stop frequency of the cloudiness.

Where I sit inside is near a window to the garage & it has two big skylights so I can see all day long whether the sun comes out or is cloudy. If the sun’s shining the garage lights up very bright like a huge searchlight. Otherwise, dark, shady, cloudy. No trees nearby either so it’s not “tree shade.”

Due to stupid & much loathed Daylight Savings Time, it stays “daytime” until 9pm during FLA Summers (another killer on the AC). I hate DST with a passion. But the only rays of sun I’ve noticed are late in the day, 5-6-7-8pm, etc.

So if it has been sunny this Summer or last, it must have been on days I was sleeping in because I have not seen a good full all-day dose of normal Florida blue-sky Mr. Sunshine for two Summers now.

The good news is I love clouds & rain since being a kid because it’s such a cozy feeling, so it doesn’t bother me one bit if it is cloudy everyday forever. But I also know the sun is needed for life itself so if it is chemtrails causing this, NOT GOOD!


And speaking of AIR-CONDITIONING…

That young Jewish Uni Professor (Eric Klinenberg) in New York, a believer in “man-made” Global Warming (hoax), says we all need to turn UP our thermostats voluntarily, be regulated (forced to do so), &/or quit using AC… to Save The Planet, of course.

If he wants to pay to relocate us to the top of the Rocky Mountains, where there is no humidity & AC is not needed, fine. Otherwise, BUTT OUT, buddy! :)

7/17/13: “Eric Klinenberg: Air-Conditioning Will Be the End of Us” –

Surprisingly, the comments there (260+) are full of people denouncing the guy & his “opinion” rather than a bunch of duped Lib/Greenies agreeing with him. Very refreshing to see.

Per google searches, Klinenberg was born in 1970 (so is only 42-43), & says he “grew up WITH [vs. “in”] a Jewish family in Chicago” (surely they had AC!), & that he went to college in Rhode Island & San Francisco, & now lives in Manhattan.

So he probably has never lived any time in horribly-humid FLA, TX, etc., nor is he an older female (hot flashes!), nor is he a child, elderly nor sickly (heat is a killer for these vulnerables as he does admit).

One of his titles at the NY Uni is “PUBLIC POLICY” (red alert!). He probably owns stock in Smart Meters >> “better to control you with” (& your room temp/AC)!

Klinenberg’s first book in 2002 was re the deadly 1995 Chicago HEAT WAVE, above, in which approx. 700 people died, MOSTLY ELDERLY with either NO AC or too poor to turn it on, & more BLACKS were affected, & WOMEN who were too afraid to open windows or sleep outside.

Being a sociologist, Prof. K is supposedly only interested in “data phenomenom.” Yet we “conspiracy theorists” could question his motives &/or brainwashed Lib mindset, because his other book, above, is GOING SOLO (re more people living alone than ever before), which “contemporary observers” like Henry Makow (Jewish good guy) would likely label a part of the Judeo-Masonic ploy to undermine marriage/family/children/households full of people.

And at least the masses are depicted as cute little birds vs. cattle. :) “Old Birds” (women)? Klinenberg says the publisher came up with the birdhouses idea.

Klinenberg’s third book is re FIGHTING FOR AIR (not AC but) re control of the MEDIA. We might could agree with him about that, depending on what he says about it. The glowing review at the top of the cover, below, is by NPR which I’ve always heard plays the other end of the dialectic.

Nice “All-Seeing Eye & Pyramid” disguise in the “A”!


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[Photo: The Furrowed-Brow Evil-Eye of the SPLC. Are you shaking in your shoes yet?]


The SPLC (“Snotty Perps Lying Center”) gave Texe Marrs a rather “mild lashing” for his July 2013 Liberty Conference compared to prior years. Evidently Texe & fellow speakers did not mention “Jews” enough times this year to warrant an extreme whipping by the self-righteous SPLC, but the sarcasm & insults re Texe & friends’ intelligence are in full force just the same (reader comments, included):

7/8/13: “Speakers at Anti-Semite’s Texas Conference Go Light on the Jews” | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center:


Anybody that creates/operates/participates in a “hatewatch” site is a bunch of wussies who can’t handle differences of opinion & set themselves up as god to play “Nanny No No” over the rest of society. We think what THEY do is “hateful.” It is nothing but an “intimidation factory” hoping to shut people up for “fear” of being listed on their “haters lists.”

So funny that one of those earlier Kirk Cameron “end times” movies, probably from the 1990’s, showed the “world dictator” & his “UN” stooges referring to all the Christians as “haters.” The SPLC is “life imitating art.” Hmm. Wonder how that happened?

Here’s a Biblical clue:

“You offspring of vipers! How will you escape the damnation of hell?”


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“In the last days… they will not tolerate sound doctrine, but will heap to themselves [advertisers] in order to have their EARS TICKLED.”
–2nd Timothy Ch.3 (ad lib version)


Below is the latest list of 16 God-hating, Morality-hating corporations & smaller businesses which are literally tripping over themselves, gushing with delight over their new, nauseating Pro-
Homosex advertising “jingles & slogans,” in order to throw their full weight behind the Communist “Diversity” Lie along with their never-
ending greed to rack up bucks from the flamboyant sodomite big spenders. They even have specific personnel whose jobs are to attract, kowtow to, bow down to, & sucker up the socalled “Diversity Market.”


–Lucky Charms /General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
–McCann New York (Advertising)
–Nike, Inc.
–Westfield Malls
–The Doughnut Plant, NYC
–Marriott (Hotels)
–Bud Light (Beer)
–Red Bull (Energy Drink)
–Grey Poupon (Mustard)
–Banana Republic (Clothing)
–Hanes (Undergarments, Clothing)
–American Apparel
–AT&T (Telcom)
–Macy’s (Dept. Store)
–Wells Fargo (Banking)
–Johnson & Johnson (Dental Floss, etc.)


If you can stomach it, the new “LGBTQ” advertising “jingles & slogans,” photos, etc. are located on the Pro-Homosex site linked in the NY Daily News article.

Corporations will SAY ANYTHING to secure their bottom line, all under the disguise that they actually CARE re the human souls they are schmoozing with their sin-laden homosexual advertising.

“Diversity” is one of those New World Order “buzz words” concocted in the minds of evil men (“Ministry of Propaganda”) whose meaning is the exact opposite of what they WANT you to think it means. How so? If they can get a majority of the planet to turn Homo = Poof! “Natural Families” will dwindle, giving the Luciferian Cabal that much more control over human life & reproduction, one of their ultimate aims. The life they may choose to extinguish may be yours. How “glaad” will that make you?


I see only 3 of the 16 companies that I have their products/services, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to ditch those.


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